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5 Ways to Master NodeJS Development for 2021!

Do you know that saying about NodeJS? That there’s nothing, it can not do! 

Well, NodeJS is the most powerful technology ever- a technology that can do it all, that can create a full-fledged application with its incredible abilities. 

2009 saw the ascent of one of the most intense technologies known as NodeJS. NodeJS was delivered by Ryan Dahl to encourage event-driven programming for web servers boosting the development cycle for servers running in JavaScript. Using NodeJS, a developer can create adaptable servers without utilizing stringing. NodeJS licenses an engineer to use the disentangled model of occasion driven scripting dialects utilizing callbacks for refreshing undertaking consummation status. 

NodeJS’s ability to make everything possible didn’t remain in the dark to programmers; hence, the technology acquired incredible prominence in a brief period since its launch. Therefore, various coders started using NodeJS, and many companies began actively hiring Nodejs developers for their projects.

NodeJS provided such top-notch features that many big brands such as Netflix, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Uber, and the New York Times started using the incredible technology in their tech stacks. 

Since NodeJS brilliantly executes every task, it has become super important to develop an application capable of outshining in the competitive NodeJS market. Therefore, every developer must acquire some serious developing skills via NodeJS if they wish to stand firm in this roller-coaster market.

And any entrepreneur who wishes to hire Node js developers must make sure their programmer knows “everything” about developing with NodeJS.

Because, my friend, the competition of great technologies is cutthroat. 

5 NodeJS development tricks to rule the 2021 market:

  • Add some types and schemas: 

The typless coding method has earlier proven to be error-prone and counterproductive. However, this does not imply that a developer would have to stick to strictly-typed syntax. Instead, it would be better to choose the degree of semantic code by either validating your models/entities using JSON schemas to elucidate your basic JS with static typing. 

Or you can also decide to use fully-typed syntax with Typescript. The latter has managed to gain appreciation in the past few years. Thus, if you are planning on using Typescript, ask yourself whether you should expand to using typing features. Otherwise, using abstract classes and interfaces may take you to the paradigms you never wanted to try. 

  • Plan utilization of Async-Hooks for better tracing and context:

Many companies prefer to hire full-stack web developers to tackle the one drawback that’s associated with the single-threaded model, i.e., requests lose context. This happens when they perform asynchronous operations and flow through various files. Thus the variables remain unpreserved during their life cycle. 

Why is this troublesome? 

For example, developers often need to include a unique identifier within each log entry so that later every log entry can be correlated in the same request. This was not easy a few years back, but since 2019 async hooks have made it possible. Simply put, they allow injecting custom code anytime an async operation is beginning or ending. 

Async hooks make it possible to preserve the context and correlate all codes in the same request. 

Therefore, a developer must possess excellent skills in using the async hook appropriately and at the right time since they can lay as a foundation for several custom packages that take Node’s context and tack to another level. 

  • Align your monitoring with best SRE/DevOps practices: 

Even a small-size application will have dozens of physically moving parts, thus staying on top of the competitive market must be carefully planned and even carefully executed. Yet, many developers fail to acquire the skill set of monitoring and alerting; site reliability engineers can give these lessons. 

As an example, developers often focus or prioritize internal hardware metrics such as Memory and CPU instead of beginning with metrics that undeniably and directly affect the end-user at the current moment, such as latency or error rate. 

These metrics are also referred to as “the golden signal” and in 2021, it would be great to start and embrace such great NodeJS development practices. 

Perform gradual installation:

You might hire Nodejs developers if you want to perform safe deployments that are not rolled out all in one shot. Therefore, node js developers can perform granular (canary) deployments that are divided into three phases: 

  • Deployment: Send a new code into isolation and the new area of production. At this stage, it will serve no one. Therefore, there’s no fear attached to it. 
  • Test: Some developers can now work and create a more realistic environment to test the new code.
  • Release: Slowly allow new users to use the latest version, and once you are fully confident, you can move on to replace the older version. 

It would be best if you were cautious about performing full-fledged canary deployments. They may cost you a hefty amount as they may require you to integrate many infrastructure components such as monitoring and routing. Therefore, it would be best if you start with straightforward and semi-canary deployment. 

Gain solid machine learning skills:

Machine learning is the trend of the decade. Soon a lot of manual jobs are to be replaced by smart machines. Therefore, to stay up with the trend and survive in this highly competitive market, business owners need to hire Node js developers who are equipped with the skills of machine learning. And the developers who are yet to delve into this arena must take adequate measures to understand machine learning’s intricacies and develop some mind-blowing future-proof technologies. 


Nodejs is the future packed technology that is here to stay for a long time. Upon its launch, NodeJS managed to replace Java, which was already popularly used by thousands of developers. Therefore, for sure, it’s the fact that NodeJS is highly effective for creating mind-blowing, fully-responsive applications to get the audience in awe. It is impressive to see how NodeJS can get developers to build everything and anything using it. 

Thus, witnessing the growing popularity of this incredible technology does not come as a surprise. Many companies are currently using it and have used it in the past as well; thanks to its capabilities, all are enjoying a reputable market standing. 

Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, don’t be skeptical and hire full-stack web developer or a NodeJS specialist and get on with your project to make it future-ready. 

And if you are a developer, make sure to learn all the handy tricks and tips to master the art of developing with node js. 


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