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New Era Of Packaging With Some Amazing Tricks To Enhance The Simple Way Of Packaging

Simple product packaging designs are becoming a rising trend in this era. By using some amazing tricks, you can create exceptional packaging to highlight your brand.

Once you have created the right product, the next step is to design a perfect product packaging. The package serves as a silent spokesperson. When your product is sitting on a shelf or hanging in the display, a custom printed box makes it more attractive and explains highlights various facts about your brand. Designing product packaging seems daunting at first glance, but it is different in real. Most of the effective designs are based on amazingly simple tricks. Whether you want to design product boxes, customized shipping boxes, or printed labels, here are some of the most surprising tricks to enhance the simple way of packaging:

Use Origami Styles:

Sometimes we come across so simple and pretty packaging which takes our breath away. Customized cardboard boxes designed simply by using a folded origami technique look an inspiring piece of art. They are surprisingly much better than a packaging designed by using excessive patterns and bold styles. The creative and thoughtfully laid-out templates are the main reason behind their acceptance. Let us consider these custom small boxes for bath salts. The eccentric packaging for these bath salts is tactile, portable, and looks highly fantastic. It is embellished with citrus fruit slices at the bottom to give a fresh, breathtaking display.

Post image

Latest Packaging

Go For A Natural Color Palette:

The days of bold and brash packaging have gone. To make your product, center of attention in the modern market, you need to tone them down. Nature-inspired colors give a calming effect. Generally, such type of custom printed & packaging is used to show eco-friendly concern. You may also try to use the tints of brighter colors to give a wash effect or team the colored elements with natural brown paper, as done in the packaging design for these natural soaps. Even if your product is not 100% organic, you can still give a touch of wholesomeness to your cardboard boxes packaging by using a pared-back color palette.

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Natural Color Packaging Boxes

Combine Photography With Minimal Styles:

Packaging trends keep on changing with time, but the thing that is always in flux is the use of appropriate graphics. In this new era, illustrated graphics and simple typographic designs seem to be most popular. Photography might not be a commonplace on the packaging, but relevant and stylish photography can create a stunning effect. Let us consider the example of these cardboard packaging boxes wholesale for Aloe Vera capsules. The packaging is designed simply in white by using black easy-to-read fonts. A related and striking image of an aloe Vera plant is perfect to give an eye-catchy display.

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Stylish Printed Packaging Box

Think Green:

Going green is another simple way of packaging used these days. With the increase in environmental awareness, the customers, as well as the manufacturers, prefer to pack their products in eco-friendly boxes. Developing a packaging design that is simple, attractive, and sustainable is a perfect way to boost your sales. Being concerned about your environment is one of your biggest responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Whether you want to design product packaging or corrugated shipping boxes wholesale, using eco-friendly material is the best practice so far. The companies can incorporate an array of designs depending upon your requirement of the product. Let us take the example of this shipping box. It is designed in the shape of gable packaging with an interactive lock to provide an eye-catchy display.

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Green Box

Simplify Packaging With Easy Labels:

The use of easy-to-produce labels is another interesting idea to create a refreshing simplicity in your packaging design. You can attach these printed labels anywhere like on a bottle, container, a custom size box, or even swathe loosely around a tissue-wrapped item. They are extremely cheap to print and give an attractive look to simple packaging. It is a great option for especially for small scale businesses that want to create branded packaging in a limited budget. If you go for a color print, it adds a beautiful hand-done look to your package. Let us take the example of these carton boxes. A simple custom printed label on the brown box has added much to its appeal.

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Simple Packaging

Consider Functionality:

Including functionality as a part of your packaging designs is a clever way to add value to your products and provide a better customer experience. By incorporating such alternatives, you can enhance the interaction with the customers simply and naturally. Let us take the example of these restaurants to-go boxes. The packaging is designed in a way to carry all your items together in the same box. It contains a main inner section to place the food item, two inserts to place beverage containers, and a separate little compartment for sauces and dips. A handle at the top of the box makes it easy to carry, eliminating the need for a separate paper/plastic bag. This marketing box packaging is designed ideally keeping the aspect of functionality in mind.


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