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UP Ration Card List – Uttar Pradesh Ration Card Complete List

Up Ration card online Apply


  • List of ration cards:

The central authorities immediately began offering the ration card service to citizens of every

state in the union. Residents can obtain several services with the ration card, including.

discounted food goods, identification as Indians, and a broader range of government

program Ration Card List eligibility.

UP residents who had applied for ration cards; can now check their name on the list of

ration cards online. With the assistance of the up ration card online apply, the Uttar Pradesh Ration Card

New List is posted online at the reputable website of the Food and Logistics


  • Objectives:

The main objective of posting this list online is to make it easier for Uttar Pradesh

citizens to purchase rations from the closest public distribution system at a subsidized price. So

that by receiving food supplies for their daily nourishment, even the state’s undesirable families

might live happily ever after. Without discrimination, the country’s government offers the option

of a ration card to families of every caste and religion through the UP Ration Card New List to

help the qualifying families’ financial situation. The Uttar Pradesh Ration Card New List

plays a crucial role in the daily food needs of the state’s impoverished areas. Because of this,

the state is degrading while still going in the direction of progress.

The ability to purchase wheat for Rs 2 per kg, rice at Rs 3 per kg, and sugar at Rs 13.50 per kg is

made available to citizens whose names are protected on this list.

Residents can obtain proof of their Indian citizenship using the UP Ration Card List

Citizens who have ration cards can readily access a wide range of government and

non-government programs and services. This list helps thousands of families around the

nation maintains their health in current times. The improvement of the nation’s dysfunctional

families and the nation as a whole will be considerably aided in the future by this list.

The following are the three categories of ration cards that the government of Uttar Pradesh

issues based on the economic circumstances of its citizens.

  • APL ration card:

Residents of the state who maintain their existence above the poverty level are issued an APL.

Ration Card (APL).

  • BPL ration card:

BPL Ration Card (BPL): These ration cards are given to families who reside below the state’s

poverty level. who earn $10,000 or less in annual profits. Through their BPL ration cards,

citizens can purchase up to 25 kg of ration from government ration shops.

A (AY). These families receive AAY Ration Cards from the government. Those who are

incredibly awful and are jobless. The country’s citizens can purchase up to 35 kg of food grains.

at a very low cost from the ration distribution store with this ration card.

Eligibility and Documentation Required for the New Ration Card List Due in 2022

The candidate must live in Uttar Pradesh permanently.

Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, and Bank Account Information Address Verification for Electricity


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