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Reason For Glorifying Lord Ganesh And Goddess Lakshmi On Diwali

The most crucial thing that no one can skip on the night of Diwali is revering Lord Ganesha and Dryad Laxmi. People usually question why both Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi are exalted collectively on the propitious and joyful day of Diwali.

Well, we all know the reason that the festival is honored to welcome prosperity and abundance in our family and all aspects of life. Dryad Laxmi is said to be the goddess of prosperity and good fortune and Lord Ganesh is regarded as the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. So, during the Diwali festival, among all the celebration and delicious Diwali sweets gift, people covet to welcome this wisdom, knowledge, prosperity, and abundance in each aspect of their life. Therefore, Lord Ganesh and Dryad Laxmi are glorified unitedly to invoke prosperity that is obtained through wisdom and knowledge.

Glorifying Laxmi & Ganesh collectively on Diwali

All of us are aware that according to the Hindu belief structure everything we do will start on a propitious note if only we begin by revering Lord Ganesh. Accordingly, on Diwali, for commencing a life anew on an auspicious note, praising Lord Ganesh is essential. It is considered that venerating Lord Ganesh eliminates all the hindrances in our path making things easier for us.

Contrarily, Dryad Laxmi is exalted with so much faith and devotion on this day as it is assumed that Dryad Laxmi visits each and every house during the Diwali festival to bless the family with wealth, love, and contentment.

However, if you are still confused about why they both are glorified collectively solely on Diwali then let us clarify by telling you the tale associated with it. So that you can celebrate the festival with the utmost joy, enthusiasm, and send diwali gifts to india without any confusion.

The Tale behind praising Lord Ganesha and Laxmi collectively on Diwali:

Once Lord Vishnu and Dryad Laxmi were having a discussion, and the Dryad appeared quite domineering about her authority to bequeath anyone she wishes with prosperity and abundance. The inscriptions reveal that she became so proud of herself that Vishnu had to plan a way to make her benevolent even though she was invincible.

Laxmi involved herself in a relentless discussion of self-admiration and began speculating that she is the richest entity in the universe and is the one who bequeaths people with wealth. Lord Vishnu noticed that Laxmi started becoming too self-centered. So, he was determined to make Dryad Laxmi understand the misconception she had.

Then Vishnu, in a particularly generous expression, stated that even if a woman possesses all the riches in the universe; she remains incomplete without children. As Dryad Laxmi doesn’t have any children, this made her extremely uncomfortable. Vishnu also said that the joy of having children fulfills a woman and no amount of wealth can help her achieve that. This distressed Dryad Laxmi even further!

Laxmi then, with a troubled heart, reached out to Dryad Parvati, to take her help. Laxmi asked her to permit her to foster one of Parvati’s kids. However, Dryad Parvati was reluctant to her request since Parvati understood that, Laxmi doesn’t rest in a steady form in any place. This would make Parvati’s child undergo difficulties since Laxmi would be incapable of taking appropriate care of Parvati’s child. Dryad Lakshmi assured Parvati that she will give the child appropriate care and attention and provide him with all the happiness of the universe.

This persuaded Dryad Parvati and noticing her pain, Parvati permitted her to raise Ganesh as her child. Dryad Laxmi grew extremely happy and vowed that she would take the utmost care of Ganesh and anyone who exalts her will have to first praise Ganesh. Prosperity and abundance can’t be obtained without procuring wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, no one will be able to receive blessings from Dryad Lakshmi without praising Lord Ganesh.

So, this is why Dryad Laxmi is invariably exalted with Lord Ganesh! So the conclusion is that wealth will be useless without earning sufficient wisdom and knowledge. Once you have acquired the right knowledge, you can earn and spend wealth efficiently. Therefore, before exalting Laxmi on Diwali, you should not skip venerating Lord Ganesh.


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